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Digi-Key is the fourth largest electronic component distributor in North America and a broad-line distributor of board-level components. It ranks as the fifth largest electronic component distributor in the world. Founded in 1972 by Ronald Stordahl, its name is a reference to the "Digi-Keyer Kit", a digital electronic keyer kit that he developed and marketed to amateur radio enthusiasts. He continues to privately own the company.

Here is part of the article that THE ROSEAU TIMES-REGION published and which explains how three concrete workers file class-wide civil rights charges against Digi-Key project sub-contractor, alleging anti-immigrant and racial discrimination, and retaliation:

Three current or former employees of Millennium Concrete filed class-wide civil rights charges against the contractor with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights. These workers claim anti-immigrant and racial discrimination and retaliation in the workplace. Millennium is a sub-contractor working on the taxpayer-subsidized Digi-Key Expansion Project in Thief River Falls where the employees who filed the civil rights charges worked. The workers pursue the civil rights charges on behalf of themselves as well as past, current, and future Millennium employees.


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Current Employee - Sales says

"CEO is bullying out the people who made this place great. Everything is dropping and the leadership is driving people out as sales have dropped due to CEO driving unprofitable changes"

Current Employee - Packaging says

"We’re sorry you haven’t found a home yet in your time at Digi-Key. We are proud to provide a most comprehensive health care plan that typically covers more than 97% of medical expenses. The starting pay is highly competitive, along with long-term savings contributions, outstanding co-workers and a clean, professional, climate controlled work environment. We are proud of the people that enable Digi-Key to do a thousand little things right every day and delight our customers worldwide. We have a proven track record for stability in good economic times and bad, and trust that over time you will see numerous opportunities to grow and develop into a role that suits your talents if you so choose."

Former Employee - Technical Support says

"This place monitored me to everything. Whether I was on a site, or reading a book while waiting for a phone call, or one minute late coming back from a break. Then they kept on it. My first 1.5 years everything was fine. then I got a new supervisor who seemed she needed to give herself a name by throwing someone under the bus to her credit. First I was written up for using a non-work related site, such as weather or news or email. Then i was reprimanded for reading a book (literally 2 sentences I read as I needed to reference something), while logged in ready for phone calls. Then because I didnt say all the right things at the right time with a customer on the phone, the script didnt work all the time. the last thing is I only knew to sit still and do nothing while waiting for phone calls only, other than my typical business emails. They then wrote me up and fired me. Now mind you, while this was going on, there were others playing video games on their cell phones, checking craigslist and/or youtube comic clips or political ads, supervisors shooting the breeze for nearly an hour at a time at times, people talking about weekend events or about home video games they are all networked in. This place will tell you its hands on and not just a call center in yor interview. that is a lie, its only a call center and you will only get promoted (with equal pay) to other positions if you are part of the good ole boys club. they will lie and play games with you along the pathway. they will meet with you acting interested, but that is all. I spoke with employee relations about the management behavior and some upper management. They said they would look into it, and eventually I got fired. There is one-on-one meetings, monthly they will meet with you on (but usually only if you have error). I was told my numbers were well better than the rest of the department. Two weeks later I was let go. They have scripted answers for every issue you bring up. They will cover their backs against you. And once you are their focus you might as well say good-bye, as they will fabricate write-up reasons. They let me go one week before my 2-year anniversary. Well planned out. Because according to the benefit package, I would get paid for 23 hours of unused personal time (they pay half of it back at your anniversary date), i would be 20% vexed, starting at your 2-years, and I would get a raise in pay...raises arent off merit, but time only. They claimed it was my availability (which remember was just told me was better than the rest) and a phone monitor, which they refused to let me listen to, which was protocol every other time to listen to. They will never tell you when you are doing good and your pay is the same, depending on time of service, not merit. And once written up, I was told you cant even be looked at for other opportunities within for a good year. You are forced into a department in the start that you will hate, with all kinds of hope of advancement in the interview, but once you seat in that position, you have to gold star it to move anywhere and everything is monitored...minutes on phone and off phone, break times to the minute, cant be early or late, if you are on a phone call late, you have to take a longer lunch to make up the time the next day to keep from being paid OT (even 5 minutes at times), even though you stayed late to help their customer while they left early with pay. You will be asked why were you doing this on your computer at this time, then logged out at this time and what did you do, then logged in until this time, called a customer at this time, stay logged out until this time, received a call at this time, got onto this site to look up a part at this time, emailed such and such at this time, etc. And this questioning will be if you are lucky, otherwise they will assume the worst and count it against you at the next meeting after you forgot it all. And get used to using email, all management is too sheepish and/or intimidated to talk to you in person. Mine used very nervous gestures when i would personally interact. In fact after a lecture by email, they will see you and act like it didnt even happen. You choose if you want to move to the middle of nowhere, literally (a couple degrees warmer than the coldest averages in the country, no entertainment, one hour away is the closest bigger small town, but still boring),stress yourself out strapped to a chair with no positive reinfocement, while zero'd in on from sly and dishonest management? They may be nice on the outside, but you may be the specimen that justifies their position, as there is multiple layers just to monitor you and others, so to turn you in means good job to them."

Current Employee - Order Fulfillment says

"Poor management, you get written up before you break policy, policy and procedures are hit and miss meaning some you are told to follow and others don't seem to matter. Management is unprofessional, pick favorites, tend to have certain cliques as in high school"

Former Employee - Production Business Sales Associate says

"This is a company where being part of a clique is the most important factor to your success and job satisfaction. If you don't have a certain "last name" your chances of advancing are slim. I worked in the Production Business Dept. and was absolutely disgusted with the incompetence, favoritism and dare I say sexism displayed by my supervisor. I am very sorry I wasted almost two years of my life working for this disingenuous company."

Current Employee - Former Manager says

"People are superficial, backstabbing rednecks. Small town with xenophobic small minds. They don't listen to good advice and punish you for disagreeing. Good old boy mentality."

Warehouse says

"Like others have said, don't get sick or try to take time off because you are at least 1 year behind, Human Resources make promises and deny them later, management is a big bully. I don't care what they pay you if your supervisors don't back you up or they play favorites you will hate working there. Most of the people I talked to said if it weren't for the benefits they wouldn't be there. Sad statement about a company that keeps growing larger."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No transparency whatsoever, Management will blatantly lie to get what they want. This company is growing faster than they can keep up with, they are now hiring almost anyone that applies, there used to be some pride in being hired as their hiring practices were somewhat restrictive but not any more. Many of the employees have been there since it started and they have tunnel vision, no flexibility. You will be micromanaged to death. Career Opportunities will be blocked by the department you wish to leave."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"HR Department needs to be restructured as they do not know labor laws. All Management should be fired and replaced. I wouldn't work for Digi-Key ever again."

Quote/Custom representative (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working at Digi-Key. I worked in a small department and it was very difficult to get time off when kids are sick, daycare is closed, funerals, or memorials. The managment was not very good. Every time I needed off it was made to feel like you were a burden instead of a team players.great benifits, good hourstime off, vacation, managment"

shipping representative/PDC Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"My time at digi-key started in april 2010, I was able to work my way up to a supervisor position in the warehouse. The supervisor position was often times very tough as the turnover was high and training was required constantly. I commuted 120 miles round trip each day, which left very little time for family. There were many good people working at Digi-Key and I enjoyed beginning friendships with many.giftsno bonuses, overtime with short notice sometimes less than an hour, no management consistency"

Shipping Representative (Former Employee) says

"The job was nothing special. It was a job to collect a paycheck. The management was slow to adapt and bad at listening, but the benefits was good and the pay was decent."

Egis says

"Digi-key accepts Paypal, but only if you have a credit card linked to your account!
They think we are $#%@#$?"

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